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Welcome my website to Medan TOUR Rent Car of Lake Toba Package Attractions in North Sumatra, which first was Lake Toba. Lake Toba is already known to the whole world so as to provide a positive contribution to regional development and people's lives around. Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake and the largest in the world with beautiful natural scenery. The beauty of Lake Toba is becoming one of the attractions in North Sumatra that lures visitors with a cool refreshing atmosphere, the lake water is clean, and looked at the green mountains. In the middle of Lake Toba there are islands that became an icon of tourism, namely North Sumatra Samosir Island. Facilities and transportation infrastructure in the province of North Sumatra city of Medan especially in infrastructure consists of land, sea and air. In addition, it also provided the infrastructure of electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, and industrial areas Medan. Medan Tour Rent Car For his own lodging facilities in North Sumatra Province from both the government and the private sector has built a total of 36 hotel classy 3 and 5 in the city of Medan and surrounding areas in order to attract domestic and foreign tourists to enter North Sumatra in a list of their tourist visit.

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More info for u please join with us here The following is a list of tourist attractions in Medan you can visit : - Istana Maimun - Masjid Raya Medan - Rumah Tjong A Fie - Gedung Balai Kota Lama - Menara Air Medan - Titi Gantung - Gedung Lomdon Sumatera - Kantor Pos Medan - Stasiun Kereta Api Medan - Menara Bakaran Batu - Menara Air Tirtanadi - Vihara Gunung Timur - Vihara Setia Budi - Kuil Shri Mariamman - Masjid Al Osmani - Gereja Immanuel - Kolam Sri Deli - Merdeka Walk - Kuliner Pagaruyung - Ramadhan Fair (khusus untuk bulan Ramadhan) - Asia Mega Mas Food Court Centre - Pasar Merah Square - Amalium Food Court - Jalan Dr Mansyur - Wisata Malam Jalan Semarang - Restoran Tip Top - Imlek Fair (khusus diadakan dalam menyambut Imlek) Tempat Wisata Kabupaten Karo - Gundaling - Mikie Holiday Resort - Gunung Sibayak - Gunung Sinabung - Taman Simalem Resort - Air Terjun Si Piso-piso - Desa Wisata Tongging - Deleng Sibuaten.

The air is cool, with a high land, attractive and unique is one of the many unique features of the tourist attractions of Lake Toba. With a mix of green mountains and vast expanse of blue lake, Lake Toba deliver amazingly beautiful scenery. Achieve all this fun holiday with us MedanTour Lake Toba Rent Car Discount Cheap Prices.

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